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26 January 2011 @ 07:52 pm
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23 January 2011 @ 09:28 pm
This is an appreciation post for the fantastic disneygirl89. Let's just show her how awesome we think she is. She deserves love not petty hate!! This post is public, but no anon comments allowed!!

BTW - feel free to promote this post since I know I don't exactly share Paris' full f-list that others might haha.
04 December 2010 @ 03:25 pm
I'm working on coming up with some Pixar fanmixes and I want some opinions on the following songs if you are into Pixar or fanmixes and have the time :)

1. "Oh How The Years Go By" by Amy Grant - Does this song make you think more of Carl and Ellie's life from Up or how the toys might feel in Toy Story 3??

2. "Need To Be Next To You" by Leigh Nash - My first instinct, as a shameless shipper is this song makes me think of Marlin/Dory in the fact that Marlin doesn't want to take a chance on anything again, but Dory slowly changes his mind and then the fact that Dory practically loses her mind when she realizes that Marlin has left her. On the other hand, I also get a strong Wall-E/EVE vibe because of the pureness of their love and how this is a really beautiful love song. Plus, the "I can't bear the thought of you not there" not only reminds me of Dory, but brings to my mind when EVE think she's lost Wall-E forever (oh gosh I'm about to cry you guys...that scene is so heavy...) So what vibe do you get more or do you not see either? Because if you don't see either, that's fine too :)

3. "You And Me" by Lifehouse - Part of me sees Lightning McQueen's gradual change as he spends more time in Radiator Springs and of course Sally's point of view wearing off on him. Then again, this song is so sweet (and not necessarily romantic) and really makes me think of how Boo turns Sulley's world upside down and changes his perspective on humans (this is probably because I think of how it's used in a similar context in Old Dogs).

4. "Kissin' U" and "Bam" by Miranda Cosgrove - Both of these songs make me think of Collette, but I can't decide on which one is the better choice (since using both by the same artist might be redundant). The first one makes me think of how big of a moment the Collette/Linguini kiss scene is in the movie. Before that moment she makes it clear that she already liked Linguini but was struggling with those emotions. So the doubts fade away after the kiss. The second song reminds me of Collette because I think she's kind of a cynical/guarded character and the thought of her feelings for Linguini would probably really shake her world. So this makes me think of her feelings of pre-kiss and then some of their post-kiss relationship. Plus, "Bam" makes me think of cooking lol ;P Any thoughts?

You know, I suddenly realize now that Pixar movies are probably the only movies that consistently bring a tear to my eye or put a lump in my throat at some point in the movie. Toy Story - when Woody goes on and on about he's not a good enough toy, A Bug's Life - when Atta tells Flik to never come back, Toy Story 2 - when Buzz and Woody argue, Monster's Inc. - when Sulley has to say goodbye to Boo and again when Mike fixes the door, Finding Nemo - when Coral and the eggs are lost and when Marlin leaves Dory, The Incredibles - When Bob says he can't lose Helen again, Cars - The Our Town sequence and when Lightning is pulled away from Sally, Ratatouille - When Linguini feels betrayed by Remy and when Collette feels lied to by Linguini, Wall-E - obviously when EVE thinks Wall-E will never be the same (but honestly the entire last half an hour of that film is just really emotional), Up - when Ellie dies, when Carl yells at Dug and the memory book, Toy Story 3 - Like too many scenes to even count okay...

Anyways thanks for any help. I'm working on these for the big bang challenge at disneyverse.
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05 December 2009 @ 03:52 pm
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